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In this article we will see how to disable the Ship Confirm button in Shipping Transaction Form for any specific delivery name.

Navigation: Shipping -->Shipping Transaction

In the shipping transaction window, query for the any existing delivery name for which we want to disable the ship confirm button.Go to Help -->Diagnostics -->Custom Code -->Personalize
We can see the below screen. Function name for Shipping Transaction form is WSHFSTRX.
Condition Tab
Enter the sequence number as 10 and in the description give meaningful name. We have given” Disable Ship Confirm Button when delivery number is 99846385”.
In the condition tab, select the trigger event as ‘WHEN-NEW-RECORD-INSTANCE’.
In the trigger object we need to give the block name. Block name for the delivery name can be found from the shipping transaction form itself. Select the delivery name is shipping transaction form. Then goto HELP -->Diagnostics-->Examine. We can see that block name is ‘DLVY’. So in the triggering object we are giving the Trigger Object as ‘DLVY’.
In the condition need to give the condition when the trigger need to be executed.To access the exact value from the form for delivery name, we need to give “BLOCKNAME.Field_name”. In our case block name is DLVY and field name is NAME.

Hence in the condition we have to enter the following
“If DLVY.NAME = 99846385 THEN”.
Only when the delivery name is 99846385 the trigger will be executed.

Action Tab
Click on Action Tab.
Enter Sequence as 10.
Select the Type as ‘Property’.
In object type select Item.
In target object we need to give the Ship Confirm button detail. AS explained earlier get the block and field name based on the Examine which is available in Help Menu.
Block Name and Item name for Ship Confirm button is DLVY_BUTTONS and BUTTON5 respectively.
In the property Name, select ENABLED.In the value enter as ‘FALSE’.Once all are entered, save the form.

Close the shipping transaction form and reopen it. Query based on the delivery name “99846385”. We can see that Ship Confirm button will be disabled.

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